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Shopping ,Dining & Nightlife

Breckenridge is famous for a wealth of incomparable shopping, dining, and nightlife. More than 400 boutiques, galleries, bistros, salons, restaurants, and much more offer a variety that is guaranteed to please every taste and budget.

casual, relaxing & pleasant

The best kept secret in Summit County, Colorado is that there is even more to do in the summer than in the winter! The region is very popular with Colorado residents and tourists alike for a lot of reasons. As a result you’ll find a casual, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere during the summertime.


If you are adventuresome you will find hiking and mountain bike trails that hit the numerous mountain summits many approaching 14,000 ft in elevation. For less strenuous activity you might encounter a kayak in one of the numerous lakes, throw your line in one of those gold medal trout streams or ride a horse to an abandoned gold mine. .

Rocky Mountain

You do not need to do anything to enjoy the Summer in this Rocky Mountain paradise. You might only need to see a novel by a flow, see the sailboat races type the beaches of Lake Dillon, or wander through the numerous stores to find the ideal souvenir.

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If you are more of a night owl and you are somewhere in the middle of Breckenridge in the US, do not worry. Breckenridge has some of the best night out spots in the world. It is blessed with a lot of bars, and you will never feel bored all through the night. So here are some of the best bars and nightlife spots in and around Breckenridge.


Apres Handcrafted Libations:

As the name says, Apres Handcrafted Libations is the best place to look out for crafted beer, crafted whiskey, and handcrafted cocktails and the greatest part is that you get only the best ones here. It is the best place in the whole of Breckenridge for both drinkers as well as non-drinkers since there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic handcrafted drinks are available in Apres. Apres Handcrafted Libation came into existence in the year 1892 making it one of the longest known restaurants in Breckenridge.

Napper Tandy’s Pub:

Apart from what you naturally expect in the counters of Napper Tandy’s pub, they give us a big surprise by making the pub a home of some of the best burgers and other snack items as well. They also have a wide range of soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. It is an Irish pub and has its branches in New York too.

The T-Bar:

The T-Bar is also known by other names as in Peak 8, one Ski hill place and the Breckenridge restaurant. As per the ratings, more than 50% of the people who visit this restaurant has just fallen in love with the way the restaurant is set up, making it one of the best places to have your unforgettable night outs. It is the best ski resort in Breckenridge, and the place is known for its waffle fries and chicken wings. They are probably the signature dishes of Breckenridge.

Coppertop bar and café:

Coppertop bar and café is widely known as the ski town restaurant, and it is located at the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge. The place is a special combination of both a bar and a café. The place offers the best service and best food. The bar always is also crowded since it is situated in one of the densely populated areas of Breckenridge and this particular place is also a prime location for skiing in Breckenridge. It has a lively atmosphere and comes with an outdoor stage and patio.

Cecilia’s Cocktail bar and nightclub:

Cecilia’s cocktail bar is one spot in the whole of Breckenridge that is exclusively for people who love night outs and parties. The bar came into existence in the year 1996 and has been one of the premier bars in the town of Colorado. The other best thing about this bar is that they also exhibit an exclusive range of Martini, among others. So do not miss this bar if you ever get a chance to visit Breckenridge. Also check out the blog, stellanmatkassa.com – it’s a great blog about spirituality and psychic medium related topics, it’s in Finnish though so use google translate if you dont read the language,


Breckenridge is one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado, USA. With a variety of landscapes and surrounded by a lot of mountains, Breckenridge is undoubtedly the best place for nature lovers and enthusiasts. The place was officially recognized as a town in Colorado in the year 1859. With a history that is just a 160 years old, Breckenridge adds a lot of historical fame to Colorado as well. In case if you didn’t know, Breckenridge is also a great place for the ones who are looking for some good adventure. There are good spots for tough activities like hiking and skiing.

So when it is clear that if you are in the US, you cannot help but visit Breckenridge the next thing that comes to mind is food. Breckenridge has some great restaurants as well. So here are the top 5 restaurants in Breckenridge.


The Hearthstone:

Hearthstone is one of the top-rated restaurants in Breckenridge and is known for its gluten-free cuisine and wine. Their chefs are good at dishes made with seafood and beef. Historically known as the Kaiser house, the restaurant has been in existence since the late 1800s. It is known for the hand-cut steaks, seafood, and wild games. The restaurant is also known for using the fresh produce of local farmers to cook food. The grand interior of the restaurant resembles the Victorian Era home, while the view outside is breath-taking.

Breckenridge Brewery:

Breckenridge Brewery is not exactly a restaurant. It is a brewery that has a pub along with it. But this is the best place if you are looking forward to tasting the best wine in the town. They also have craft beers and an American cooking fare. The cooking fare that is found along with the brewery offers some of the best dishes in Breckenridge, and this attracts locals and tourists alike. The place has a lively atmosphere and is simply suits people of all sectors.

Empire Burger:

Empire Burger is located in La Cima Mall, Breckenridge. It is the best place to visit if you love some cheesy snack items like burgers, sandwiches and some of the other Native American dishes. You can also get to order some of the best beers and shakes of the town here along with your dish. The best part of Empire burger is that you get to enjoy custom-made burgers and pick the sauces of your choice. This means you do not eat, what you do not like and they make dining one of the best experiences.

Crepes a la Cart:

Whether it is sweet or savory, you get only the best at Crepes a la Cart. There are more than 50 different dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Again it is not a full-fledged restaurant but a snack bar that is good for burger-lovers. There are also different types of sweet food items that visitors love to savor. This new launch of this restaurant remains closed on all Sundays and Mondays, while they work from 11 a.m to 5 p.m the other days. The rest of the restaurants function from 9 a.m to 10 p.m on all days. Crepes a la Cart is inexpensive as cozy as well.

Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro:

Happy Bowl Thai Bistro comes along with a Sushi bar. The restaurant is located close to Clark’s Market in Aspen. Known for its dishes that are authentic, the restaurant has received worldwide acclaim for the Thai dishes that they prepare. It is one restaurant that you cannot miss out if you are in Colorado.

Main Street, Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a great place for a summer visit. The town is known for its ski resorts. In fact, it is the most favorite ski resorts in America. There are a lot of places to visit in Breckenridge. Let’s discuss the 6 best places to visit in Breckenridge.

Ski resorts Breckenridge

Ski resorts:

The Ski resorts of Breckenridge serves as a perfect place for Americans and other tourists for a vacation. The five interconnected peaks of Breckenridge offers stunning assortment for all level of skiers. Peak 10 offers vertical runs and adventurous paths. For beginners peak 9 offers a pleasant ski experience. Peak 8 is located at the center of the ski resort and filled with trails for all levels.

Continental Divide winery:

Continental Divide winery was opened in 2016 on Main Street of Breckenridge. This place allows their visitors to make their own wine under the guidance of the professionals. The activity can last up to 2 hours of winemaking. The winery compliments their visitors with a personalized bottle of the wine the visitors make.

Main Street, Breckenridge:

Main Street is a place where multiple shops are opened in a common property. The Main Street is situated in the heart of the town. It has restaurants, commercial shops, and ski rental facility. Main Street station connects every part of the town. The east side of the building is located on the historic Main Street, where you will discover several shops and restaurants.

Mohawk Lake Trail:

Mohawk lake trail is located 3.35 miles to the south of Spruce Creek trail.  The lake is situated in a glacial valley along Mt Helen. It offers various sceneries, and it runs through the fig forests. Trekkers can enjoy the view of Mt Helen in a spectacular way. A tight yet traversable shoreline offers fishermen a lot of space to cast. This trail is accessible through vehicles from the spruce creek.

Fun Park:

The Fun Park is only open during the summer. It has a lot of activities including biking, sledding, roller-coasters. The park’s attraction is the alpine super-slide which is 2600 feet long. The park offers the tourists with guided hiking tours in cars. The park offers a lot of fun activities during the carnivals and festivals of Breckenridge.

Arts District:

Breckenridge has created an Arts District in a one-acre land in downtown. The place consists of galleries, museums, stages, studios, and antique pieces. The arts district is established in the town of Breckenridge to enhance the cultural and regional factors of the town. Also, if you are interested in this this topic, know how to read Swedish and also have an interest in the spiritual world and psychic mediums please visit the blog synskacassandra.com.


About Breckenridge:

Breckenridge is a small town located in Colorado, United States. Breckenridge is famous for its gold mines and war zones. The town was founded by a group of prospectors in 1859. A lot of people migrated to Breckenridge attracted by its gold mines.

The historical district of Breckenridge has more than 250 buildings enlisted in the Historical place register. The town was established in the hope of getting a post office for the specific region.

Breckenridge was named after Vice President, John Breckinridge. It was a successful endeavor to compliment the government and to obtain a mail station. But, when the Vice President supported the Confederacy, the town changed the spelling to Breckenridge to demonstrate their protest against the government.

Many historical monuments and buildings were destroyed during the civil war. The town is home to a large number of monuments and historical buildings. Some buildings were demolished by their owners as they carried tax issues with the government.


Gold mines:

Gold miners migrated to Breckenridge during 1850’s which resulted in the gold rush era of Breckenridge. Gold has been mined from Breckenridge with traditional mining methods since then. The modern technologies helped in the discovery of silver and lead. Before the discovery of gold in this region, cattle-farming was the most prominent occupation for the people of Breckenridge. When the resources in the Town’s largest mine are dug out, the town’s population dropped to 51 people. Another mine which was explored in 1889 brought back the normal population to the town.

Ski Resorts:

Ski Resorts was built in the town in the year of 1950. An organization named summit county development initiated the efforts of building a ski resort. The ski area was opened in 1961 in the peak 8. This initiative attracted a large number of tourists to this place. Breckenridge invested a large number of funds in ski operations.


The railroad was laid in Breckenridge in the year 1882. These railroads were mostly used to transport gold and other goods from the town. It was later utilized for passenger transport. Breckenridge offers advantageous multi-purpose travel benefits. It connects all places through Summit County. In 2007, the Town of Breckenridge worked in association with the Breckenridge Ski Resort to assemble the Breck Connect Gondola. The Gondola acts as the base of our multi-purpose travel service, Breckenridge Station. This station building fills in as the central point for transport service in Breckenridge.

Barney Ford was a slave born in Virginia on 22 January 1822. He escaped to Chicago to gain his freedom after walking out off a Mississippi riverboat in 1848 where earlier he was hired as a teenager. After that Barney ford worked as a cook, a porter, a barber, an underground rail operative and finally became the Black Baron of Colorado.

In 1851 his astonishing journey started with the California gold rush. Barney and his new bride Julia traveled from New York City by ship around Cape Horn. They headed to the California gold fields by way of the Nicaragua root. After reaching Nicaragua he observed, local travelers lacked a clean place to eat and sleep and that was the idea behind the birth of, the United States hotel and restaurant. While the business was an unqualified success, the hotel was destroyed because of civil war in Nicaragua. This kind of loss would have broken any man but Barney Ford was unbreakable. After that Barney returned to Chicago and worked as a railroad operative there.

Again In 1860, Barney followed the gold rush but this time in Colorado where he stakes claims in central city and Breckenridge. But he was rejected as he was an African American. So, he moved to Denver and his stars shined again, his honest hard work paid off and all we know that the unflappable Barney Ford came as a winner once again. Because of Barney’s keen business insights, boundless energy and unraveling commitment to service, Barney Ford soon became the owner of several successful salons and restaurants in Denver in mid-1860s.

The building which is known today as the Barney L ford building is one of the few buildings associated with the ford that is still standing in Denver. The interesting fact is that this building, standing at 1514 Blake Street was earlier popularly known by people’s restaurant which was known for his luxuries like fresh oysters, lemons and Havana cigars. Soon he opened two grand inter-ocean hotels one in the rocky mountain region in Cheyenne and one in Denver. Electric lights in the sleeping room and a telephone in the lobby were the features which were first introduced in the inter-ocean hotel in Denver.

Barney Ford was a wealthy man by 1870s. Starting an adult evening classes and a children school in Denver were the two great works by him. It was the time when Barney turned his passion and commitment to civil rights and equal education for African Americans. More than a century later, Denver public schools named after his name. Soon Barneys reach extended as he jumped into politics. He was the first to run for a Colorado public office as well as the first African American to serve on a Colorado grand jury. He also fought for the right to vote for African Americans.

In 1878 Barney come up with a bang after returning to Breckenridge with his wife Julia and opened another successful restaurant Ford’s chappos. Barney build one of the most beautiful homes in Breckenridge which stand today as a historical landmark and museum. Barney Ford died in 1902 at the age of 80. On the west wall of the state’s capital, a stained glass window honors his great contributions for the country.

A man like Barney ford can be seen once in a life. His visions and beliefs in the ideas are unmatchable. His inspiring life story is a piece of motivation for the coming generations.

Breckenridge was settled in 1859 by a small group of prospectors during the Pikes Peak gold rush. Settlers and droves were brought here by Breckenridge’s gold rush. If you are looking to go for a new place to spend your holidays, then Breckenridge is one of the best places in the world to visit. Breckinridge beckons to outdoor enthusiasts. It is the winter season which brings the skiers and snowboarders to the slopes whereas bikers, hikers and leaf peepers usually visit Breckenridge in the warmer months. One should definitely partake in the April ski scene and to enjoy a crisp Breckenridge brew.

Breckenridge has a very friendly atmosphere. This atmosphere helped Breckenridge in transforming from a silver and gold mining town to one of the country’s most beloved skiing destinations. Breckenridge is very near to other popular Colorado destinations. Vail is around 40 miles northwest and Denver is around 80 miles northeast.

Winter days in Breckenridge are all about the winter sports. In summers hiking and cycling replace the winter sports. But one thing which does not depend on climate change is the eye-relaxing sunset and star-studded night sky is a treat to watch. These magnificent views are able to pull you back to Breckenridge again and again.

There are some minute things which you have to take care to visit Breckenridge. You have to beat the altitude sickness, you have to stay hydrated and have some workout to keep away nausea and headache related to altitude sickness at the bay. In mountains because of the limited pollution and thinner atmosphere, it is very easier to get sunburn. So you have to rely on sunscreen to prevent the painful burn. From November to April, It is the time when the roads of mountains can be icy and slippery that’s why in order to be safe it is recommended to opt for all-wheel drive vehicles.

If you want to get around Breckenridge, then the combination of walking and driving is the best way for that. You can’t explore the shops of Main Streets, restaurants and bars by driving, you have to walk. If you want to go to farther places, you will need a car. If you don’t want to rent a car then you can also use the free ride bus service which connects much of the town and Breckenridge ski resort. Taxis and right hailing services are also available throughout the year.

If you are a traveler, you can reach Breckenridge by flying into Denver International airport which is more than 100 miles east or Colorado Spring airport which is more than 115 miles southeast. You can then rent a car or catch a shuttle into town.

As we all know the deficiency of oxygen at high altitude is responsible for the symptoms of altitude sickness, fatigue, jet lag, and hangover. This is why the people who are traveling in the Breckenridge region should visit the O2 lounge once. O2 lounge is known for its rejuvenating oxygen sessions with aromatherapy. You will have options of 15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions.

If you are craving for something sweet, the iconic crepe stands in the main street of Breckenridge is the place that is waiting for you. The aroma of a variety of sweets and savory crepes tend to attract you from a distance. One should definitely try their tongue to taste the sweet things offered by the crepe stand. Mountaintop cookie shop is one more place in the Breckenridge where you can feed your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to try the sandwich cookie in the mountaintop cookie shop.

Ridge street wine in Breckenridge is known for its wine, cheese, and chocolate. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can also enjoy the live acoustic music at Ridge street wine.

The Gold Pan Restaurant and bar would be an ideal option if you are looking for a quality place where you can have quality food. This restaurant has a unique ambiance. At night, you can enjoy the food with live music sessions. For the wine lovers, they also offer a variety of wines with the food.

There are a lot of arcade games waiting for you at the downstairs of Eric’s. It’s actually a restaurant where you can enjoy and have fun with the arcade games also. Combination of relaxed atmosphere, nice food, and arcade games makes this place different from other places.

Riverwalk center is a place at Breckenridge which is known to host the grand music events in Breckenridge. In the past few years, several musicians and music bands had visited here to perform. Events like Breckenridge music festival orchestra and national repertory orchestra were also held here in the past. It is an ideal place for music lovers. You just need to inquire about the event going to held here and let the music penetrate in yourself.

In the Breckenridge town, you have a number of choices to go for tours like English tea tours, Wild West tours and ghost tours every night. You just need to select one of these historical tours and explore more about Breckenridge.

The blue river recreation path is right in the middle of the Breckenridge. This path is loved by the runners, hikers, dog walkers and bikers. The blue river recreation path is parallel to the river. It also has many relaxing and eye-cherishing spots in the way. People should definitely go for a walk here if they want to explore Breckenridge.

The quaint local gallery features many artifacts and sculptures inspired by the western countries. One should walk through this gallery if interested in fine arts.

Global candle gallery is known for its variety of candles. They have a unique patented process to make different types of candles. While shopping in the gallery you can also see the candles being made.

The last but not the least, spas and massage parlors which you can find on the main streets of Breckenridge is a worthy thing to visit.

In the search of quick fortunes, prospectors were attracted towards Colorado territory because of the discovery of gold in Colorado territory in the search of quick fortunes. This discovery of gold brought revolution in the field of the mountain transportation system, the mining industry and the living conditions of miners and their families. The gold also increases the wealth of Colorado.

The gold was discovered in the Colorado territory in the year of 1858. Green Russell and his two brothers heard from the Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma of a shiny metal that was in the water. The three brothers came from Georgia to the cherry creek and the South Platte Rivers in what is now Denver. In the starting, they were not successful in prospecting in the waters but they found gold when they began on the nearby little dry creek. The Colorado gold rush was in full bloom when the news about the discovery of gold spread across the country. As a result of this large gold rush, there was only one square foot of land along the South Platte River that wasn’t owned.

After a year, another prospector named George Jackson discovered gold in a place which is now known as Idaho springs. George Jackson spent his day’s hard rock mining the hills of clear creek county in search of on the mother lode. It was the same year when a large vein of gold was found by John Gregory in a place which is now known as a central city and black column Gilpin County. One can still see the mine tailings on the hills above i-70 while driving around the G froze. Nathaniel hill invented the smelter in the 1860s which brought the change in the gold mining industry. The smelter was a new method in which rocks are subjected to heat to extract the gold from it.

Discovery of silver brought change to the Rocky Mountains which is now known as George Town. This change came with the formation of Griffith mining district which was formed by George Griffith, his brothers, and their father. One more town known as Elizabeth town was formed after the splitting of the brothers. Eventually, both the settlements got merged and the new settlement was given a name called George Town. It is known to be the first mining settlement where the miners actually brought their family to live with them. In George Town instead of gold, silver was the new claim of fame. George Town was the largest producer of silver in the world at that time.

After some time, just above the mountain from George Town, radical thinking emerged with the mining settlement of Brownsville. Suffered griffin opened the seven-thirty mine in the hills above what is now Silver Plume and open the first mine in the Colorado area with working hours that were non-traditional. 7:30 am was the time when the mine began operating instead of the typical 7:00 am. Although a seasoned hiker can walk the trails above what is now Silver plume in search of the mine, they will discover the mine tailings slid down the mountain onto what was once the settlement of Brownsville. Silver plume replaced Brownsville and is now a small town and home to the Georgetown Loop railroad.

This gold rush in Colorado gave birth to a few more towns including Breckenridge and had the biggest contribution in the history of Colorado.