Some of the Towns that formed during the Colorado Goldrush

In the search of quick fortunes, prospectors were attracted towards Colorado territory because of the discovery of gold in Colorado territory in the search of quick fortunes. This discovery of gold brought revolution in the field of the mountain transportation system, the mining industry and the living conditions of miners and their families. The gold also increases the wealth of Colorado.

The gold was discovered in the Colorado territory in the year of 1858. Green Russell and his two brothers heard from the Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma of a shiny metal that was in the water. The three brothers came from Georgia to the cherry creek and the South Platte Rivers in what is now Denver. In the starting, they were not successful in prospecting in the waters but they found gold when they began on the nearby little dry creek. The Colorado gold rush was in full bloom when the news about the discovery of gold spread across the country. As a result of this large gold rush, there was only one square foot of land along the South Platte River that wasn’t owned.

After a year, another prospector named George Jackson discovered gold in a place which is now known as Idaho springs. George Jackson spent his day’s hard rock mining the hills of clear creek county in search of on the mother lode. It was the same year when a large vein of gold was found by John Gregory in a place which is now known as a central city and black column Gilpin County. One can still see the mine tailings on the hills above i-70 while driving around the G froze. Nathaniel hill invented the smelter in the 1860s which brought the change in the gold mining industry. The smelter was a new method in which rocks are subjected to heat to extract the gold from it.

Discovery of silver brought change to the Rocky Mountains which is now known as George Town. This change came with the formation of Griffith mining district which was formed by George Griffith, his brothers, and their father. One more town known as Elizabeth town was formed after the splitting of the brothers. Eventually, both the settlements got merged and the new settlement was given a name called George Town. It is known to be the first mining settlement where the miners actually brought their family to live with them. In George Town instead of gold, silver was the new claim of fame. George Town was the largest producer of silver in the world at that time.

After some time, just above the mountain from George Town, radical thinking emerged with the mining settlement of Brownsville. Suffered griffin opened the seven-thirty mine in the hills above what is now Silver Plume and open the first mine in the Colorado area with working hours that were non-traditional. 7:30 am was the time when the mine began operating instead of the typical 7:00 am. Although a seasoned hiker can walk the trails above what is now Silver plume in search of the mine, they will discover the mine tailings slid down the mountain onto what was once the settlement of Brownsville. Silver plume replaced Brownsville and is now a small town and home to the Georgetown Loop railroad.

This gold rush in Colorado gave birth to a few more towns including Breckenridge and had the biggest contribution in the history of Colorado.