Exploring the streets of Breckenridge

As we all know the deficiency of oxygen at high altitude is responsible for the symptoms of altitude sickness, fatigue, jet lag, and hangover. This is why the people who are traveling in the Breckenridge region should visit the O2 lounge once. O2 lounge is known for its rejuvenating oxygen sessions with aromatherapy. You will have options of 15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions.

If you are craving for something sweet, the iconic crepe stands in the main street of Breckenridge is the place that is waiting for you. The aroma of a variety of sweets and savory crepes tend to attract you from a distance. One should definitely try their tongue to taste the sweet things offered by the crepe stand. Mountaintop cookie shop is one more place in the Breckenridge where you can feed your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to try the sandwich cookie in the mountaintop cookie shop.

Ridge street wine in Breckenridge is known for its wine, cheese, and chocolate. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can also enjoy the live acoustic music at Ridge street wine.

The Gold Pan Restaurant and bar would be an ideal option if you are looking for a quality place where you can have quality food. This restaurant has a unique ambiance. At night, you can enjoy the food with live music sessions. For the wine lovers, they also offer a variety of wines with the food.

There are a lot of arcade games waiting for you at the downstairs of Eric’s. It’s actually a restaurant where you can enjoy and have fun with the arcade games also. Combination of relaxed atmosphere, nice food, and arcade games makes this place different from other places.

Riverwalk center is a place at Breckenridge which is known to host the grand music events in Breckenridge. In the past few years, several musicians and music bands had visited here to perform. Events like Breckenridge music festival orchestra and national repertory orchestra were also held here in the past. It is an ideal place for music lovers. You just need to inquire about the event going to held here and let the music penetrate in yourself.

In the Breckenridge town, you have a number of choices to go for tours like English tea tours, Wild West tours and ghost tours every night. You just need to select one of these historical tours and explore more about Breckenridge.

The blue river recreation path is right in the middle of the Breckenridge. This path is loved by the runners, hikers, dog walkers and bikers. The blue river recreation path is parallel to the river. It also has many relaxing and eye-cherishing spots in the way. People should definitely go for a walk here if they want to explore Breckenridge.

The quaint local gallery features many artifacts and sculptures inspired by the western countries. One should walk through this gallery if interested in fine arts.

Global candle gallery is known for its variety of candles. They have a unique patented process to make different types of candles. While shopping in the gallery you can also see the candles being made.

The last but not the least, spas and massage parlors which you can find on the main streets of Breckenridge is a worthy thing to visit.