History of Breckenridge


About Breckenridge:

Breckenridge is a small town located in Colorado, United States. Breckenridge is famous for its gold mines and war zones. The town was founded by a group of prospectors in 1859. A lot of people migrated to Breckenridge attracted by its gold mines.

The historical district of Breckenridge has more than 250 buildings enlisted in the Historical place register. The town was established in the hope of getting a post office for the specific region.

Breckenridge was named after Vice President, John Breckinridge. It was a successful endeavor to compliment the government and to obtain a mail station. But, when the Vice President supported the Confederacy, the town changed the spelling to Breckenridge to demonstrate their protest against the government.

Many historical monuments and buildings were destroyed during the civil war. The town is home to a large number of monuments and historical buildings. Some buildings were demolished by their owners as they carried tax issues with the government.


Gold mines:

Gold miners migrated to Breckenridge during 1850’s which resulted in the gold rush era of Breckenridge. Gold has been mined from Breckenridge with traditional mining methods since then. The modern technologies helped in the discovery of silver and lead. Before the discovery of gold in this region, cattle-farming was the most prominent occupation for the people of Breckenridge. When the resources in the Town’s largest mine are dug out, the town’s population dropped to 51 people. Another mine which was explored in 1889 brought back the normal population to the town.

Ski Resorts:

Ski Resorts was built in the town in the year of 1950. An organization named summit county development initiated the efforts of building a ski resort. The ski area was opened in 1961 in the peak 8. This initiative attracted a large number of tourists to this place. Breckenridge invested a large number of funds in ski operations.


The railroad was laid in Breckenridge in the year 1882. These railroads were mostly used to transport gold and other goods from the town. It was later utilized for passenger transport. Breckenridge offers advantageous multi-purpose travel benefits. It connects all places through Summit County. In 2007, the Town of Breckenridge worked in association with the Breckenridge Ski Resort to assemble the Breck Connect Gondola. The Gondola acts as the base of our multi-purpose travel service, Breckenridge Station. This station building fills in as the central point for transport service in Breckenridge.