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  • The Extraordinary Life of Barney Ford

    The Extraordinary Life of Barney Ford

    Barney Ford was a slave born in Virginia on 22 January 1822. He escaped to Chicago to gain his freedom after walking out off a Mississippi riverboat in 1848 where earlier he was hired as a teenager. After that Barney ford worked as a cook, a porter, a barber, an underground rail operative and finally…

  • History of Breckenridge

    History of Breckenridge

    About Breckenridge: Breckenridge is a small town located in Colorado, United States. Breckenridge is famous for its gold mines and war zones. The town was founded by a group of prospectors in 1859. A lot of people migrated to Breckenridge attracted by its gold mines. The historical district of Breckenridge has more than 250 buildings…